Welcome all comers to Sir Tom Watton’s website

“who is Sir Tom Watton?” You may ask….

A storyteller, singer-songwriter and entertainer. Tom writes modern folk stories and songs based on his life and experiences. On his recent album Sir Tom Watton: The Collection, Tom’s writing style is laid bare. “It’s actually rather good” (Richard Pearson, Radio Scarborough)

With a unique guitar style and eloquently emotive lyrics, his songs are well received by a broad audience base.
Tom was born and brought up in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He comes from a “monstrously gifted” musical and artistic family. His mothers Pat and Sarah are in the band Raven, and his dads are also musical, his dad is the lauded guitarist/songsmith John ‘jazz pistol’ Watton, and Gary is a great bass player in several bands.
During the early 2000s Tom played in a political punk band ‘Protocol’ and got into organising festivals and gigs. At one gig, when a PA caught fire, Tom and Sarah (the drummer) took to the stage (the venues fire escape steps) with a battered acoustic guitar and improvised their hearts out. This became ‘the Lespian and Thesbian’, who went on to be the host of a few prominent Scarborough festivals and events (2003 – 2005).
By 2008 and having finished uni Tom found himself back in the home town writing music and organising gigs, concerts and festivals. At one of these festivals Tom was given the title Sir Tom Watton, by local poet, artist and designer Graham Rhodes.

During this time he supported Jon Gomm and Toby Jepson (Little Angels/Wayward Sons), and following a successful musical partnership with Phil Simpson (now Strada Music) supported Waterson Carthy on their Wintour.

Since 2010 Tom has lived in Edinburgh, returning to Scarborough to play Acoustic Gathering, Scarborough Seafest and the Stephen Joseph Theatre’s music cafe night.
Tom has been a prolific writer of songs and it was in 2018, that his friend and fellow songwriter, turned born again producer, Gerry Callaghan, offered to help make a debut album, which was released in November 2019.


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